Face Primer for dry skin in summers

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Before any sort of makeup product is invested upon, it is very much essential to invest in a base because if the base is not smooth or not done properly, you can keep on applying foundation, blush or contour but nothing would last long and would come out to be patchy/cakey in texture.

Irem satin touch Makeup Primer

Irem satin touch makeup primer

It stands right as a perfect start for your perfect makeup. This primer definitely makes your skin look flawless, with reduced pore size. It controls the shine as well and provides instant smoothness to the skin. It evens my skin texture to an extent that the marks of acne seem to get embedded in skin. This product is enriched with vitamins and definitely nourishes my look.

It is used in a lesser amount in a single use. So it can basically go on for atleast 2 months even if you use daily. You can use this primer anytime anywhere even when you are not about to go for a full makeup thing.

How to use this primer?

  1. Wash and cleanse the face well
  2. Apply any of your usual moisturizer well enough to get it absorbed in the skin.
  3. Take a small amount of this primer and apply it over your face and neck before you apply any sort of makeup over it, for an instant glow and flawless skin.

Irem primer is not only affordable but also value for money. I bought it from amazon. Dropping down the link to it :


Price : Rs. 399/- only


This primer suits well for a dry to normal skin. It makes your makeup stay fro around 4-5 hours not more than that. But it definitely does a great job at this price.

Hope you liked my blog and hope it would help you shop better. Happy shopping and happy makeup 😛

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78 thoughts on “Face Primer for dry skin in summers”

  1. That’s such a handy tool for those who suffer from the blistering sun and having that dry skin.

    Looks to be aptly priced too.

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