Footwear that can go with any outfit|MARC LOIRE

Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is important to complete a look with a perfect pair!

- Tracy Reese

Footwear is usually preferred when it is lightweight as well as comfortable at the same time, that do not hurt feet at all and are durable with respect to their quality. Considering how to choose a good footwear, the price of the footwear is usually measured to be worth spending according to the outfits it would suit along and the time it would go on.


So isn't it wonderful and a value for money thing that a simple pair of wedges can look classy and amazing with any outfit that you carry?

I prefer wedges over heels because heels can take time and can even make you trip while you walk in them but wedges, inspite of being uplifted, are really comfortable to walk into (when they are of good quality ofcourse)!

One Pair of Wedges, Many Outfits!

Wedges with a Kurti!!

Wedges with a Western Dress!!!

Wedges with a gown style Kurti!!!

A single pair of Open Toe, Buckle-type wedges can be paired with more than a single outfit that too with elegance yet maintaining simplicity. Isn't it perfect?

Dropping down the link to buy this pair of Wedges :

MarcLoire Women Wedge Heels, Girls Fashion Sandals, Open Toe Wedge Sandals, Buckle Type Heels - Synthetic, Tan, Size - 3UK/IND to 8UK/IND

Price : Rs. 971/- only

Conclusion : I usually go for a pair that can match with all the outfits I wear. What do you look for in your footwear ? Do let me know in comments.

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95 thoughts on “Footwear that can go with any outfit|MARC LOIRE”

  1. Footwear is what completes a fashionable look and these wedges really go with all these dresses that you were flaunting there.

  2. I agree to you…I had my time with wedges a few years back but after having the baby I am wearing flats only…

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